Data that
pay dividends

We create financial reports, transmit accounting information, and create special reports and financial analyses for our clients. We can also prepare all documentation in foreign languages in accordance with the needs of a parent company.

Our services

  • Income statement, balance sheet, trial balance (standard)
  • Division of revenues and costs by: cost centre / project / client / other
  • Aging of receivables and liabilities
  • Analysis of financial indicators in company results
  • Cash flow reporting
  • Consolidation packages

Financial analysis

  • Business plans
  • Balance forecasts
  • Profit and loss projections
  • Cash flow forecasts
  • Preparation of accounting information and special reports in foreign languages, in accordance with the requirements of a parent company
  • Other reports at the request of individual clients


  • Increase profits – our findings help pay dividends
  • Support for planning – having valuable information makes it easier to strategize and prepare future plans for your company
  • Reduce costs – relieve the burden of creating reports and analyses within your company


  • We employ safe and secure technologies in our work
  • We tailor our services to your individual needs
  • We offer services in foreign languages
  • We are fully engaged in your business

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