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According to Polish VAT regulations, companies headquartered outside of Poland are obliged to name a Tax Representative responsible for tax liabilities. ACCO offers the possibility of assigning a Tax Proxy or Tax Representative to handle all the essential formalities required of your business by the Polish tax authorities.

Foreign entities which, as defined by the act on VAT, deliver goods or provide services in Poland and that cannot tax the goods or services via a Polish purchaser, become Polish VAT taxpayers. Even though the actual business activity takes place outside of Poland, these companies are obliged to register, keep their books and submit documents in the same way as Polish taxpayers.

If VAT taxpayers are domiciled or headquartered outside of the EU and are also obliged to register in Poland as active VAT taxpayers, they are required to assign a Tax Representative.

Tax Representation

The Tax Representation service that we offer is used to represent non-EU companies, which do not have a headquarters in Poland for VAT purposes.

We take on responsibility for the tax obligations of the taxpayer whom we represent.

Our responsibilities include:

  • Fulfilling the obligations of the taxpayer we represent
  • Accountancy regarding value added tax transactions
  • Bookkeeping and safekeeping of VAT records and documentation
  • The administration of other activities connected to VAT regulations


As Tax Proxy service that we offer involves representation and fulfillment of our client’s obligations regarding value added tax obligations. 

The service is for companies headquartered within the EU.

Our responsibilities include:

  • Bookkeeping and safekeeping of all records and documentation required by VAT regulations
  • Supervision of appropriate conduct during audits and tax proceedings

A comprehensive VAT return service

A foreign partner

If your company is neither headquartered nor has a permanent establishment within the EU, but you conduct business that is subject to VAT in any of the 27 member countries (import, storage, organization of exhibitions/fairs, renovation/construction services as well as any sales or purchases made within the territory of the EU), you are obliged to assign a Tax Representative. The representative registers the company for the purpose of VAT in the member country where the transactions are made.

A Tax Representative is an entity whose role is to help taxpayers to settle due taxes.
Our specialists maintain contact with foreign tax entities, deal with corrective tax declarations and oversee VAT procedures involving foreign transactions.

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  • A unique approach
  • Clear and transparent procedures
  • Confidentiality
  • Short realization times

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