"The most important single ingredient in the formula of success is knowing how to get along with people."

Theodore Roosevelt

We believe that success of a business relationship hinges on the knowledge and skills of our specialists. The quality of a service is ultimately dependent on having a team of people with the right knowledge, who are familiar with the specifics of business activity as well as clients' expectations, and assure a close business relationship with your organization.

All our employees, management and the rest of the staff alike, take active part in internal training sessions organized by the company, as well as external training organized by selected professional companies and organizations. Participation in such training allows us to broaden our knowledge, develop our skills, exchange experiences and obtain the guidance of the top specialists. We also pay great attention in choosing good employees in order to best positioned to fulfill our clients' needs.

The main tenets of our team:

  • Use knowledge and effort to exceed the client's expectations (quality assurance policy)
  • Maintain transparent and open communication


Our team is divided into several departments: Account Books, Simplified Accounting, HR-Payroll, and administrative staff. Each department has a manager responsible for coordinating the work, maintaining exactitude and keeping in contact with the client. Our employees have higher educations and possess the knowledge essential to provide the full range of bookkeeping, tax advisory, HR and payroll services. All our employees are reliable, scrupulous and professionally knowledgeable.

We’re currently in the process of implementing an online system to streamline the company's workflow. This will allow us to better organize internal work. It will also make contact and communication with clients easier – they will be able to track the progress of tasks they have given us. 


Alicja Korbecka – Tax Advisor, Company Owner

Alicja Korbecka, the founder of ACCO Accounting & Consulting Office, since 1995 engaged with corporate accounting, HR and payroll outsourcing as well as tax and business consulting. A graduate of a specialised finance and accounting degree course. During 1985-1995 she held managerial posts at a Tax Office. She has 40 years of experience under her belt within the scope of accounting, she specialises in tax and economic law and provides comprehensive services to foreign and domestic businesses. Since 1998, associated with National Chamber of Tax Advisers as a licensed Tax Advisor number 04535. During her extensive professional career she was a member of supervisory boards at listed companies. She took part in numerous Government and advisory projects of various scopes. Both Polish businesses as well as foreign corporations from Western Europe and Scandinavia are amongst the ranks of her clients. She can draw on her considerable expertise backed up by substantial professional experience within the field of business consultancy for entities active in various industries: commerce, manufacturing and services.

Joanna Pastuszak – Managing Director

She has many years of experience as Managing Director of ACCO and holds an MA degree in Management and Marketing, with a specialty in Economic Psychology, from Kozminski University in Warsaw. She manages the company, and is responsible for designing and preparing development strategies. Additionally, she serves as ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Representative and acts as a representative of other companies.

Tax and Accounting Consultant

With thirty years of experience as a Head Accountant, she possesses broad knowledge of International Accounting Standards connected with production, trade, services and stock-market reporting.

Head Accountant

She has many years' experience as a Head Accountant and Financial Director of limited liability and joint stock companies. She possesses a certification from the Ministry of Finance to provide bookkeeping services and is a member of Accountants Association in Poland. At ACCO Accounting and Consulting Office she holds the position of Head Accountant.

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