ACCO’s price list

In order to thoroughly analyze our clients' needs and determine which services are essential for the development of the company, ACCO Accounting and Consulting Office gathers information about the client during a meeting, written correspondence or phone conversation.

Based on our many years' experience in accounting and ongoing conversations with a client, we decide on the optimal business arrangement. After getting familiar with a detailed list of shared rights and responsibilities, we negotiate a price which is agreeable for both sides.

This is usually in the form of a monthly fee, covering a full range of services. This changes along with any changes to the client's documentation or working time.

In order to get detailed information, please contact our office (+48) 22 734 76 00. If you are interested in obtaining a price estimate for your company, please fill in the price inquiry form. It involves a few variables which influence our potential involvement with clients, as well as the price of the services. After analyzing the data entered in the inquiry, we will propose a price.

We invite you to contact us

Thank you for your interest in the Accounting & Consulting Office. If you would like to find out how we could apply our business approach in your company, please contact one of our offices.